Traduction Video des bouches

Voila le cadeau que nous fait Annelise et l’une de ses collègues, anglaise : une traduction de la Video des bouches en anglais (on en attend une en portugais aussi normalement !)
@sly @evy je ne sais pas trop qui s’occupe de la chaîne YouTube…

Voila le texte
" We are among those who can no longer hold their heads high when voting.
Some of us no longer vote, while others cast blank or spoilt votes with great sadness and anger.
We feel trapped by a political system that does not respect us, that does not listen and whose behavior, tendency to give up, broken promises, lies, betrayals and lack of humanity have disgusted us for some time.
We are multi-faced.
We are all different.
We do not agree on everything. But, this is what makes us so strong. Our life experiences show that there are many ways to achieve concrete results.
We want to experiment. Step by step.
We are already in motion.
We have stopped looking upwards with hope. We no longer expect anything from those who govern us. We can only observe that they have failed without hatred or anger.
In the end, they all end up failing because they follow rules that are centuries old and no longer fit.
We don’t want to sign yet another blank check for political parties.
Instead, we want to create a political program that represents the world we are building day by day: a world that is free, connected, collaborative, interdependent and real.
We want each of our acts to give us a little more freedom.
We want to be involved in decision-making.
We want to co-build the world as we, the people, want it.
Our initiative is collective and horizontal, there is no room for personal power quests or sterile, partisan postures.
In June 2017, we will enter the National Assembly.
We don’t want be chattering in our corner, like we are stuck today, or in front of the TV.
We will be inside the national Assembly to gain seats and win electoral districts.
Our aim is to take democracy into an era of multiplicity, sharing and cooperation.
The collective intelligence tools and methods we are developing will empower citizens to grasp the challenges at stake, run for election and propose or vote for laws.
To test these new practices, we will train and pick volunteers at random to run for parliamentary election in 2017. Once elected, these volunteers will communicate the decisions of the people who elected them to lead for five years.
We believe that a multitude of women and men is more intelligent than one person alone. This is all the more true if that person is trapped in the party logic that currently rules the Assembly.
Our deputies will not face the lobbies and experts alone. The strength generated from being backed by others with help them confront the power of institutions.
These multi-faced deputies, our deputies, will be the expression of their electors, the extension of our individual wills.
Together, we will decide what the deputy will vote for.
Not on one law, but on every single law.
For five whole years. On every subject we feel passionate about.
Every time a law threatens to hurt our liberties, values or principles.
Never again without us.
The goal is to experiment democracy in its truest sense.
In 2017, we will enter the National Assembly with enough deputies to launch a brand new experiment.
The world is already being built with us. Wherever we are, we have already taken up our responsibilities, whether in our professional lives, families, neighborhoods, buildings or school councils. We have already risen to give the best of ourselves for the common good.
Like many French people, we love politics and debates, we like to participate and we aim to achieve something that is bigger than we are.
Initiatives promoting democracy are being born all over the world in Germany, Mexico, Argentina, Italy, Spain, Iceland, Greece, Ireland, Canada, Tunisia, as well as in many French towns and villages.
Initiatives carrying people’s desire to be involved in decision-making are emerging everywhere.
So what about us, are we ready?

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ca c’est un beau cadeau !
A partir de ce texte, il faut créer le fichier de sous-titrage (.srt), en y insérant les temps de séquences.
Je peux le faire, mais ce sera à la main, donc si qqun a un outil pour le faire …

Moi aussi je peux essayer de le faire à la main, si tu n’as pas trop de temps Toan :slight_smile:

attendez je vous file le fichier srt en francais… comme ca se sera super facile… (6,3 Ko)

Parf ! Merci @sly ! @toan_lyon on fait moitié-moitié ? Je peux m’y mettre ce soir quand je rentre :smile:

oui parfait !
tu prends quoi ?

Deuxième partie :sunny::sunny:

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euh oui, mais elle commence à quelle ligne la 2e partie ??

Hahahah oui, j’ai essayé de compter les lignes sur mon tel, tu fais jusqu’à "

[quote=« Noune, post:1, topic:340 »]
To test these new practices, we will train and pick volunteers at random to run for parliamentary election in 2017
[/quote] inclu ?

Et je fais la suite ! Normalement c’est à peu près découpé en deux

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Je vous propose un petit texte de remerciement, à mettre en dessous de la vidéo, pour la traduction en anglais du coup.


  • Traduction EN : Annelise & Co
  • Traduction PR : …

Ou en êtes vous?


j’attaque ma partie, @Noune a terminé la sienne

ayé. J’ai fini ma partie et j’ai ajouté les remerciements à la fin (Anglais seulement).
Voilà le fichier : (6,1 Ko)

qui peut le valider ?

Ensuite on met ca sur le wiki :slight_smile:

Je le valide avec la vidéo et je te confirme si c’est bon ou pas ^^

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Bon alors je valide… c’est parfait bravo @Noune et @toan_lyon il y a pas mal de débit en même temps dans la vidéo alors c’est pas simple à sous titrer mais ca me semble bien synchro et tout. Je vais juste rajouter 2sec de plus pour les remerciements sinon ca file trop vite à la fin… (6,1 Ko)

@toan_lyon : je te laisse t’occuper de le mettre sur le wiki? je vais m’occuper de le charger sur Youtube.

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ok pour le wiki !
(et bla bla pour les 20 caractères)

It’s alive! alive!!!

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celle-ci est en sous titrée francais
ah non, on peut modifier la langue de sous titrage, dans les paramètres (la petite roue)

Bravo @Sly !

Top merci @Sly :sunny::sunny::sunny:

On ferme pas le sujet. On attends celle en portugais non? @Noune des nouvelles a ce sujet