Audit Facebook Dev ou non ?

Salut tout le monde,

On a recu deux mails de ce genre dernièrement:


Your app Forum #MaVoix (AppId: #############) doesn’t fully comply with our Platform Policies. Since we’re striving to improve the Platform experience, your app has been deactivated.

Your app is violating Platform Policy 7.9: We or an independent auditor acting on our behalf may audit your app, systems, and records to ensure your use of Platform and data you receive from us is safe and complies with our Terms, and that you’ve complied with our requests and requests from people who use Facebook to delete user data obtained through our Platform. If requested, you must provide us with proof that your app complies with our terms.

To bring your app into compliance, kindly provide the following in your appeal:

  • Detailed instructions describing how our reviewers can access your platform
  • Valid credentials for us to login to your app and test/review its functionality and its use of any Facebook API integration

Notes regarding the above:

  • The credentials on the test account you provide for us to access must be valid indefinitely
  • The experience, once we have accessed your platform for review, must be accurately representative of an organic user experience
  • We will potentially be testing any/all Facebook API integrations you have for compliance under our platform policies:

You can access the full list of our Platform Policies here:

Once you’ve updated your app, please go to to appeal. A member of our team will get back to you within 48 hours.

Since we’re always working to create great experiences for developers on Facebook, we’d love to hear your feedback on what you liked about your interaction with us and what we could improve. Please take a few minutes to fill out our survey:{« job_id »:"###########"}.


Je vous avoue que j’ai pas l’habitude… Est ce que c’est un mail officiel ? Est ce que c’est raisonnable de filer un accès au forum comme ca ? Qu’en pensez vous ? @administrateurs ? tous ?

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